Safety Rules

Once a bullet leaves the muzzle, you cannot bring it back.


  • Use common sense. There has not been an injury at CASA for many years. Keep it that way.
  • Never allow the muzzle of a gun to point at anything you do not want to destroy or kill. (The muzzle is the end of the gun where the bullet is ejected.)
  • Always make sure the bullet will come to rest on a berm (the raised mound of dirt at the back of each range). Be absolutely certain of your target and what is behind it.
  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded at all times.
  • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire.
  • Shooters and spectators must always wear ear and eye protection. Anyone on the property (shooters, spouses, spectators, visitors, guests, everybody) must sign the Waiver and Release of Liability.
  • Everyone is an honorary safety officer. Politely point out safety issues to anyone who needs a reminder. Say, “Thanks,” if someone points out a safety issue to you.