CASA strives to present numerous types of competition for its members. Although we are primarily a competition club for USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge matches, periodically we conduct rifle matches, multi-gun / 3-gun matches and other similar events for pistol/revolver, rifle, shotgun or some combination thereof.

These matches are conducted for club members under standard rules or match specific rules that emphasize safety, while allowing us maximum flexibility in stage design (e.g. by having more and different kinds of targets than the rules normally allow; by presenting participants with unusual challenges such as having “blind” stages without a walkthrough inspection; and, by creating stages that emphasize target selection and discrimination by using photo realistic targets).

One of these matches was based upon real-world shootings (e.g. FBI Miami shootout; Tyler Texas Court House shootout; Omaha mall shooting; etc.) that challenged members to react to the time and distance constraints encountered in these tragedies. Several of these matches utilized many rifle and pistol drills used by nationally known instructors such as Pat Rogers, Kyle Lamb , and Paul Howe. For example, we recently conducted a “postal match” that used Todd Lewis Green’s F.A.S.T. drill made famous on YouTube by David Sevigny’s 3.56 second run!

In short, CASA tries to offer the types of shooting events that its members want. With the approval of the Board of Directors, and supervision from trained Safety Officers, a member may organize and conduct a rifle, pistol, or shotgun match for other members.

Question — When will we have the next multi-gun or shotgun match?
Answer — When you and your fellow CASA members set it up and conduct it!