We at CASA (Central Arkansas Shooters Association) are committed to providing the best practical shooting experience available anywhere.  We are affiliated with USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge and put on one match of each type each month.  The USPSA match is normally on the first Sunday of each month.  Our club matches are open to all and membership in USPSA is not required to participate in them. We have posted a short essay on what to expect at your first match and what equipment you need to bring.  If you are interested in practical shooting we can help you get started.  We have a really great group we guys and ladies and encourage you to come on out to a match and give it a try.  We also encourage you to visit the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) website ( where the current rule book can be seen and where you can get other information about USPSA. So if you are a shooter new to the sport of practical shooting or a Grand Master come on out to CASA and shoot with us.



If you would like to submit a USPSA stage for possible use in upcoming matches please download the CASA USPSA Design Template (Microsoft PowerPoint Format).  Stages must be submitted to the current USPSA director (email on contacts page) once it is reviewed it will be considered for use in a future match.

AR Section USPSA Clubs and Information

USPSA Infomation

The USPSA match is usually on the first Sunday of every month.

You do not have to be a member of CASA to shoot USPSA.

What to expect: Your First USPSA Match at CASA (40k .pdf)

View the USPSA Web site