Special Classifier Match at CASA

May 2013 Specia; Classifier

Hello Shooters,

May is on the horizon and the next CASA USPSA match is next weekend.  It will be our annual Special Classifier match.  We will have 6 stages including 5 classifiers and 1 field course which should test your ability and sanity.  The match fee for the Special Classifier will be $20.00 as we owe additional fees to USPSA for the additional classifiers.  The Special Classifier will allow you USPSA members to get your initial classification or a classification in a new division in time for the Arkansas Section handgun Championship which we will be running the first weekend in June.  If you have not entered the big match you still have time.  As usual we will be setting up on Saturday (5/4/13) starting at 0830.  Your participation would be greatly appreciated as these matches do not spring from the ground ready to shoot.  Sign in for the match will begin Sunday morning 5/5/13 at 0930 with our shooter’s meeting beginning as close to 1000 as possible.  Remember the sign in is from 0930 to 1000 only.  Please be on time.  We will tear down the match immediately upon completion of shooting.  Please stick around and lend a helping hand.


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