IDPA Safety Officer (SO) Class

Greetings shooters,

 I think we all realize that without the commitment of our dedicated Safety Officers (SO’s) the IDPA sport that we all enjoy would not be possible. SO’s are the heart of a match. They assume the responsibility for running each stage not only in the safest manner possible but also according to the rules established by the governing body.

 The central Arkansas area is critically short of SO’s and we need your help. CASA will be offering a SO training session the weekend of September 23/24. Myrin Young, our resident SO Instructor, will present the class. The training consists of both classroom work and actual range time (mini match) and is one day event.  The cost will be  $25. There is IDPA criteria for moving up to SO and it’s listed below. There is also a timeline associated with preparation for the training so it’s imperative that you sign up by August 14th! The course fee is required at the time your application is submitted, payable to CASA by check or cash at any CASA event.

 This is a great opportunity to increase your own understanding of IDPA and help make the sport even better. Contact Myrin directly at 901-826-3300 or .

 Please consider taking this next step and become an IDPA Safety Officer.

  Here is the criteria for SO candidates. If you have any questions, contact Myrin:

IDPA members applying to take the IDPA Safety Officer Class should meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered:

    • Be at least 21 years of age and be able to lawfully possess a firearm under the laws of your country of residence.
    • Be a current IDPA member in good standing for at least six months, and never have had their membership revoked.
    • Have shot at least six IDPA matches, at the club or sanctioned level.
    • Possess a basic knowledge of the IDPA rulebook.
    • Be sponsored by an IDPA-affiliated club representative that can confirm

the applicant’s ability to safely handle a firearm and who is willing and able

to provide designated mentor SOs committed to training the graduate SO.

    • Discretion on the part of the IDPA SOI in approving SO Class applicants is

permitted to meet the needs of new IDPA start-up clubs and other special situations.




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