September USPSA Match Rescheduled

Hello Shooters,

this is is posted to notify you that out September USPSA match has been rescheduled for Sunday August 30 at 0900.  This was deemed necessary as there was a conflict with the 2015 Area 4 championship which will be held the weekend of September 4-6 in Texas.  By moving our match to 8/30/15 we can have the match and give those Going to the Area 4 match another chance to shoot a practice match before going to Texas.  We will be setting up the match on Saturday 8/29/15 beginning at 0800 and your help would be very appreciated.  The match will be open for sign in at 0815 Sunday morning and the shooters meeting will start as close to 0900 as can be.  Come on out and enjoy the match with us.  We hope to see you on the range.

Thank you,



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