Spring workday 4-25-2015

Hello CASA Members,

I wanted to acknowledge the fine work performed by our members who are dedicated to the success of our club.  We had a great workday and accomplished many tasks that brought the range up to tip top shape for the upcoming major match season.  Those members who had pride in our club showed up and went above and beyond in their efforts to put our club in great shape.  I am grateful to each and every one of you.  We accomplished a great deal today and the range has never looked better.  We had three tractors working and making the range look great.  The individual bays are as good as I can remember them ever being.  You can be proud of your efforts and the BOD thanks each and every one of you.  We had 24 members out of 65 that contributed their time and effort to this end.  Thank you all.

Bob Houston

CASA President



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