IDPA Practice Night


Tuesday night, April 21 will be another club IDPA practice night. We’ll gather at 6:00 PM for set up and shoot until dark or everyone is satisfied, whichever comes first.

 This will not be a competition with anyone but yourself. We’ll set up a couple of mini-stages to practice skills that we only get to use in matches. Times and scores will be provided for your use.

 This week we’ll work on:

           – Mag changes and target transition. We’ll have a four target array that will require two reloads. We’ll work in both Emergency and Tactical reloads along with some shots on a distant target.

           -Swingers. A mini-stage with a popper activated swinger and paper targets. We’ll start with the targets in the open and then add hard cover/non-threats, speed changes etc.

 In both these exercises we’ll emphasize the proper use of cover.

 Plan on an evening of safe practice and fun. The night is open to club members and a guest and the cost is $5 each plus participation in set up and tear down.

 See you at the range.

Bill Waters

Information Director

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