CASA Yearend is near

Hello Members,

I know that you all realize that we are quickly coming to the end of another year.  Remember that our Club Year ends on 11/30/2014 and all of your required matches, Safety Seminars and work days need to be completed by then.  We only have three more matches on the schedule at this time between now and yearend.  I hope all of you who hold competitive memberships have completed your required 8 matches to qualify as a competitive member for next year.  If you have not then you need to get to the range and participate in the matches left to you for this year.  Workday participation has been low this year as well and it is a requirement for continued membership for all members.  You can choose to pay a $100.00 missed workday fee and retain your membership and it should be submitted with your membership renewal application.  The rule is NO WORKDAY OR FEE NO MEMBERSHIP.  This is non-negotiable.  Each member signed the membership policy and should know about all of the requirements spelled out in the policy.

We have had a good year and I hope to see you all at the yearend meeting scheduled for Saturday November 22.  I really appreciate all of the help and dedication of the Board of Directors and all of you who worked so hard to make the past year a big success.


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