IDPA and Steel Challenge—-All in one day!!!!

That’s right shooters, a chance for two great matches in one trip to the range!!! All on Saturday, April 12. We’re offering this opportunity to accommodate our club spring work day set for the following the weekend.

IDPA- Set up begins at 0730 and help is always appreciated. Stages don’t set themselves up and the more participants we have the easier it is for all so come out and help. Registration will open at 0930 with shooting beginning as close to 1000 as possible. There will be four challenging and fun stages of fire so bring lots of ammo. Match fee is $10.00.

Steel Challenge- Registration will open as soon as IDPA is complete but no later than 1230. Shooting begins at 1300. Match fee is $10.00 and there will be four stages of fire. This will be a great opportunity to start getting you trigger finger in shape for our Natural State Steel Challenge Championship scheduled for June 28 & 29.

The weather is looking good (finally!!!), the opportunities for fun are plentiful and what better way is there to spend a Saturday. Come out shoot both match or just take your pick.  Tell a friend. We look forward to seeing you at the range.

Bill Waters

CASA Communications Director/IDPA Team Member





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