Steel Challenge 8 March 2014

Hello Shooters,

The weather may cooperate this time and let us finally get in a Steel Challenge match!  We’ll be using PractiScore to score the 7 stages we plan to run. This will be a trial run for scoring the Natural State Championship 28-29 June 2014. We want to have real time scoring and posting, without paper, for the June match.

Sign in starts at 0915 so that we can get everyone in a squad and entered into the scoring tablets. Shooting starts at 1000. 7 stages, 175 rds minimum. $10.00 for 1 gun, $5.00 additional for a 2nd gun.

As usual, this old and feeble  MD needs a few of you young studs to come a little early to help set the steel up.  I’ll be there by 0815.



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