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CASA USPSA March Match Announcements:

  • We have rescheduled the March 2nd USPSA Club Match to SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH.  We will be doing setup after the Steel Challenge Match on Saturday and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Stages have been attached and are subject to change. USPSA March 2014 Match Stages


  • On MARCH 29TH (SATURDAY) we will be holding a USPSA Special Classifier Match with 5 classifier stages and at least two field stages.  Currently we are only allowing one gun, but that could change based on the number of participants.  If we do allow a second gun a classification fee will be required for the second gun.  Match fee is $20 and additional gun if allowed is $5.

We will be doing setup on Friday starting around 12pm any help will be greatly appreciated.

Stages have been attached and field courses are subject to change, classifiers will not be changed. March 29 Classifier USPSA Match Stages


  • We will have our regular Monthly USPSA Club Match on April 6thWe will be doing setup on Saturday starting at 9am and as always any help will be greatly appreciated.


Stages, match details and updates will be posted on our website

We will also be using Practiscore once again to allow you to register for the matches and squad with your friends.  You are not required to register before the match, however it will help us squad and have a better idea of the number of participants.  Sign-in and payment will be handled on match day.

To register go to –

We have had a rough time with weather this year, please keep your fingers crossed that “Mother Nature” will cooperate.

Jeff Melton


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