IDPA Classifier Rule Changes–FYI

Greetings shooters,

Our senior IDPA member and SO instructor points out that there are some differences to the classifier gun division rules and shooting procedures in the new rule book . Here are some examples of how they may apply to you. See the IDPA Rule Book, Section 9 for more detail.

9.3  The score obtained by shooting the Classifier can be applied to other Divisions where the equipment and ammunition used while shooting the Classifier meets the requirements of those other Divisions. The shooter must notify the MD before the Classifier begins of the intent to apply a single score to multiple Divisions and the MD must verify that the equipment and ammunition meet the requirements for multiple Divisions.
Some examples are given in the rule book, but here are a few more.
A shooter using a double action/single action .45 for CDP (165 PF) could have the score apply to SSP and ESP IF  all strings begin hammer down to meet SSP requirements. If the gun used was in single action mode, the score could only apply to CDP and ESP.
I could shoot my 9mm CZ SP01 starting hammer down and my score will apply to both ESP and SSP, but can’t apply to CDP because of the lower 9mm PF.

9.7.4  Shooters may fully load their normal IDPA compliant magazines.
9.7.7  String 1  All shots must be fired while moving STRAIGHT FORWARD toward T2 (no weaving)
          String 2  All shots must be fired while retreating STRAIGHT BACKWARD from T2 (no weaving)
See you at the range,
Your IDPA Team
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