2013 Hillbilly Classic

Hello Shooters:

As you know from my last communication it is almost time for the Hillbilly Classic at CASA.  The entry forms have been posted on the CASA website (www.casarange.com) as well as on the Brian Enos and Boomer Shooter forums.  Please print them out and get them back to me ASAP as I need to have at least 40 by a week from Wednesday, which will be October 16, 2013 so I can put on the match as planned.  Otherwise we will have to change the advertised format of the match accordingly.  We do not want to change the match in any way but that depends on the participation level.  I hope you will send in your entries ASAP.  The first 84 will get to shoot a great match and have a great catfish and chicken lunch.  I hope to hear from you soonest.

Bob Houston

Match Director

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